Revision, Editing, and Proofreading Services

Unfortunately, the days of sending a manuscript to an agent or publisher knowing they will take care of the editing before a book is published are gone. Today, agents and publishers are so busy that your manuscript has to be the best it can be before they’ll even consider it. If you’re self-publishing, a professional editor helps to give your book the best of chance for success. Even the best writers – and editors – need other eyes on their work because our brains tend to see what we meant to write rather than what we actually wrote. Our brains also tend to get into habits with sentence structure and using certain phases we often don’t catch on our own.

With my editing services, I don’t change your voice or the content of your work, but I look at words, sentences, or paragraphs to make sure they are organized and structured correctly. If something is not definitely “wrong” or even if it fits your piece or voice, I leave it alone. If you’d like me to edit a free sample to see what I would do with your manuscript and receive a quote on price, please send me an email with two or three pages either representative of the whole book or that need the most work pasted into the body along with the total length and your desired turn around time.