Coaching and Mentoring Services

As much as it is fun and exciting, writing can be hard work and you need encouragement to get your butt in the chair and get the words out. To find information about books, links, and other resources that have helped me, click here. If you just have a quick question about writing craft or anything writing-related, I’d love to help. Go here to contact me. I also accept a limited number of mentoring/coaching clients. We’ll create a plan for getting your book written that fits with your life and project. The charge varies according to my time involved – but it costs nothing to inquire. So if you’re interested, click here to send me an email detailing your project and the type of help you believe you need. I’ll respond as soon as I can, and if I think I can help, we’ll set up a free phone or video conference consultation to discuss it further.

If you’re to the marketing phase and don’t need me to develop a full marketing plan for you, but would just like to meet for an hour or two to pick my brain and get some ideas, we can do that, too, at the rate of $50 per hour (you choose the meeting length). Just contact me and we’ll set it up.