Book Marketing Services

Many first-time authors naively think getting their book written and published is the hard part and that once their book is in print or available on e-readers, people will flock to buy it. I admit, I made this mistake with Crush and Other Love Poems for Girls though I’m not sure I believed that would happen as much as I just hoped it would. But now, I know enough to not even hope for that. If you want even a chance to make money from your book and gain a following of readers, you need marketing. And please note that I say “a chance” – I hate to be harsh, but sometimes even the best-marketed book doesn’t get the sales or readers the author desires (or the book deserves).

There are numerous resources for DIY book marketing. What helps me the most is having a plan. Sometimes creating the plan is the hardest part because there are so many options. I have a marketing certificate and an MBA with an emphasis on marketing and business strategy. If you are committed to marketing your book, but you don’t have the time to create a detailed plan, email me or otherwise contact me. Based on your book and your goals, I’ll consider all of the options I’m aware of (and will let you know if I find any others that might fit) and create a personalized, detailed, marketing plan and schedule for you. There’s no better feeling than to have a stranger positively respond to your work (it’s nice when friends and family do it, too, but…) and I’d love to help you have the best chance of getting that.

I can also help you throw a themed launch party or set up your WordPress website – just email me at or get in touch via the contact form.