How to Market a Book CoverI’ve been receiving Joanna Penn’s emails directing me to her helpful blog posts about writing and book marketing for at least of couple of years now. So when I started to dig into planning to market my next book, Taming the Twisted, I purchased a few of her book marketing and writing business books. The first one I read is titled simply, How to Market a Book.

If you know Joanna from reading her blog, you will love this book. It has the same conversational, friendly, open, and honest voice that it has. The book is divided into sections so that the reader can easily find and read what he or she needs to know right now. It includes information on the basics with book marketing fundamentals as well as clear, step-by-step how-tos covering specific tactics.

How to Market a Book has solutions for you whether you need to do something to boost sales just for now or to increase reach for the long haul. I also liked that the book contains up-to-date information, which is invaluable in the ever-changing book marketing world. She covers social media, audio books, podcasting, video, and book trailers, which were non-existent not too long ago, as well as information on more traditional book marketing options like press releases, reviews, and traditional advertising media.

In addition to the practical advice, what I really enjoyed was the underlying story about Joanna’s life as an author. She talks about how she manages her fiction-writing life along with her entrepreneurial life, balancing and marketing them both. This resonated with me because of my varying personalities: fiction and poetry writer (visit for more info)  and author services provider (right here). Sometimes I think I’m crazy having so many different personalities, but Joanna gave me hope that it can be done, and successfully, which would make for a fun and rewarding career.

How to Market a Book by Joanna Pen can be purchased on Amazon (click here) as well as other online retailers, I’m sure. (P.S. I’m not an affiliate of either Amazon or Joanna Penn – I recommend her book for no other reason than it’s that good.)

I’m doing a major study blitz to find out all of the latest tools for book marketing, so if you have a resource or book you recommend, please share in the comment section below.