Sometimes it’s difficult to stay motivated when marketing books, especially when it gets toward the end of the year with all of the holiday preparations, family get-togethers, and so many other things taking our attention.

And this is fine. I see nothing wrong with taking some time off to regroup and prepare for the next year. But if you feel yourself losing your motivation too often, earlier than you’d like, or you’d just prefer to push through until the very end, make sure you have defined your why.

Your why is the reason you do what you do. It involves your author as well as your life vision and goals.

My ultimate vision/goal is to live abundantly while writing, traveling, and helping other authors. How does book marketing fit in? In order to live abundantly doing anything, I have to be bringing in an income. Selling books allows me to do that largely from home, which can help me to travel more. I could even market books while I travel. I also find it difficult to help other authors market their books if I’m not at least trying to market mine. Selling more books also begets selling more books, which will allow me to keep writing books.

For me, it’s all intertwined, so book marketing is very important to my why.

To find yours, keep asking yourself why until you can go no further. It could be as short as why do I want to market books? So I can sell more books. Why do I need to sell more book? To bring in income. Why do I need to bring in income? So I can write my next book. Why do I need to write my next book? Because I love it, I have something to say, and it’s what makes me feel whole and satisfied. When the why seems to be intrinsically motivated, you’ve found yours.